Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Free Agent Signings

The Free Agent Market has been less than redeeming so far this season. But then I usually only hit on players that make the big money as that is the players one needs to focus on. It was brought to my unwarranted attention that some not so big money mongerers need some attention also.

The first attention getter is Orber Acevedo. He was paid a mere $6M by the Boston Red Sox. He could become a closer though his velo is a bit weak and one must wonder about his FB rating. If he progresses well he could become a future force out of the pen in short relief. A very good pickup in my estimation.

Angel Aviles was signed by the Dover Dung Beetles $5.8M. In all reality I think his Overall is very inflated for future endeavors. He can play a somewhat weak RF has some speed and power. Redeeming qualities, if it pans out, is his contact which could save his bacon and a trip to the ML lineup.

Juan Park was paid $4.4M by the Kansas City Royals. Juan is almost a photo copy of Orber Acevedo above. Which one will be better remains to be seen. For the money, Juan may have been a better buy.

Miguel Pizzaro was signed by the Toronto Blue Jays for a look see $4.1M. Being a lefty drives the price down and being just above mediocre doesn't help. However he does have the ability to become a decent 4th or 5th starter or long reliever. It is that cut above mediocre potential that says he could be good enough and at bargain basement price makes him a primo buy.

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