Monday, January 30, 2012

Free Agent Signing

The Cincinnati Reds shelled out $17.1M for Alcides Benitez and feel like they just won the lottery. There is some question about his age however as it was discovered that he was 13 for at least 6 years, on the bright side we actually think he is 24. There are some unsubstantiated that he has already actually played some semi-pro ball in San Diego. Some have him as ML ready but I don't think quite yet as he should probably spend the rest of this season and next in a good minor league spittoon. His nickname is Angel by the way. He could have good control and a good split against rights and a plethora of highly regarded pitches. Lefties will be lining up to take their swats at those off speed pitches however. It looks like money well spent for the long term.

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