Tuesday, January 3, 2012

International Market

Tony Pena was signed by the Dover Dung Beetles for $8.9M. Maybe I was expecting a little more in his abilities than what I am seeing with a 13 in advance scouting. Does have great speed which is a positive along with a good eye and contact. Splits are low and power is just average along with his health. May not be a good outfielder either as his range could be iffy and a weak arm. It looks to me he would make a good 1B however. I would say well overpriced and his overall is inflated a bit. ML capability is a maybe.

Albert Moreno was signed for a whopping $12.3M by the Anaheim Angels. He did make the league news reel so he must be something to regale about. 1B is probable even with the bad glove. Could be a behemoth at the plate which garnered him all the money. His durability detracts from his abilities to make him a star acquisition in my books however. His overall tells me he could be an underachiever.

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