Monday, April 2, 2012

Early Season Trades

Was the world shaken with early season trades? One way to find out is to take a look.

The first trade of the season between Little Rock and Montreal didn't exactly set the tone. Edwin Webster was sent to Little Rock and is a decent starting pitcher. In return Montreal got Yorman Reyes a 2B prospect of questionable quality. A cost cutting move perhaps.

Karim Pulido was sent to Mexico City for Pedro Saez who winds up on the Louisville roster. Pulido is another starting pitcher of questionable quality while Pedro may be a good hitter but lacks the ability to be a good catcher.

The Twins sent Magglio Palacios to Louisville and received Louie Hanson in return. Magglio is a 3B on the low end of the scale and might be better in RF. Louie is still young and hasn't performed well out of the pen.

Little Rock sent Tony Takada and Luis Cervantes to Mexico City for Clint Olson. Takada is a prospect that is iffy at 1B but may possess some nice hitting skills. Cervantes is a decent pitcher and holds his own. Olson just never looked good in Mexico City and maybe a new home will work out for him.

Tampa Bay sent Edwin Milner, Nicholas Velarde and Heinie Laffey to Montreal for Kane North, Tony Prior and Sticky Russell. A trade of Gold Glove SS's is always something to take notice of, like Milner and Kane. Tampa Bay got a power DH in Prior and a decent hitting catcher in Russell. Jokes are already spreading in Montreal about the laughing ass, err Heinie Laffey. His young Heinie could be a nice pitching prospect of the future. Meanwhile Velarde could yet grace the majors as a DH.

Philly sent 2 time Cy Young winner, Pedro DeSoto, to Houston for three young talents in Jesus Mendez, Alan Ellis and Ralph Taylor. A cost cutting and rebuild start for Philly. Ellis and Mendez could be good in the pen one day while Taylor has enough skill to be a great hitting catcher. Houston solidifies it pen for another run for sure.

Chicago sent Matt Wiltse, a so-so 2B that may look better in RF and a possible top of the order hitter to Washington. In return Chicago got the services of Trevor Gibson, Lew Yates, and Shawn Sexton. All three are prospect pitchers with varying degrees of talent.

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