Friday, April 27, 2012

Royals Join IFA Fray

No disrespect to the Royals even though they are in Metland at the moment, I just plainly missed it. The Kansas City Royals saw fit to spend $24M on Edgmer Bennett. Another fireballer that has Cy Young aspirations. My scouts are still hiding in a Cantina somewhere so I am on my own. There was a Linda Loo sighting, seems she was walking rather bow legged on a beach somewhere.  My scouts need to be fired as they think he is a pretty good lefty. Well, they think his left split will be better than his right, so in their inebriated state made a ridiculous assumption. Great control, splits look odd but I think they will be good and not odd, good velo and GB action.  Pitches could be somewhat of a mystery of what I see but think they will be alright also. Another good buy.

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