Friday, April 6, 2012

Non-Erff Update

Our own VL, boydndahood for those that don't know, is having that championship feeling in world Wright with the Burlington Coat Factory. Normally I don't follow teams in other worlds that aren't mine and never mention them here, but this team deserves a little respect.

I have looked for references to the stadium they play in and find absolutely none. What I can tell you, it is a heavily negative tard park, probably no fences, talk about old time. People watch the games in lawn chairs with their feet propped up on their ice chests having a great time. Peanuts, cotton candy, cracker jacks and hot dog salespersons are freelance concessionaires even.

What the team has accomplished this season is what catches my eye. Only 490 runs scored which is the lowest I have ever seen from a playoff team. 417 runs allowed is also the fewest runs I have ever seen by a team. Another odd fact, the team was 34-34 in 1-run games, normally the high is about 55 1-run games in a season. That is the first time I have seen a team with more than 60 1-run games in a season, I have seen 60 before. The offense hits a dismal .222 and only hit 49 Home Runs on the season. Matter of fact only one player barely hits above the Mendoza Line. But what they do have is 422 Stolen Bases, I have seen teams go over 300 but never that many, even with being caught 107 times. It has been a long time since I have seen a player with 100 SB's in a season even.

The defense is one of the best I have seen and can play anywhere in that aspect with 100 plus plays and only 13 minus plays. They only committed 70 errors, many would think that is the essence of the park but it isn't. I really think the 2B and SS got victimized more than they should have committing 31 of those errors combined. Believe it or not they only finished second second in any category. The bulk of these players would be nothing but a mere backup on most teams. Only two of the players won Gold Gloves, go figure. Tough crowd!

The pitching staff is better than any I have ever seen, 4 were on the All-Star team. The closer had 54 Saves in 62 tries and won the Fireman of the Year award. 4 starters had double digit wins and one fell just short of a 20 win season. Any of them could pitch for any team if you ask me along with the side kicks in the pen. The staff only gave up 108 home runs, not unheard of with the park the way it is, but only 51 on the road is pretty damn good.

So it came down to the playoffs as the 6th seed, things looked grim in the first round after losing the first two games on the road. Never say give up, they win the next two at home and the third on the road. Second round saw the same thing happen. Now it is on to the NL Championship against the #1 seed. The season didn't go well against this team so a bunch of rabbits will need to pulled out of the old hat, is that a real hat trick?

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