Thursday, April 26, 2012

News of Note

Real world issues have critically intervened into my fake fantasy world. I could go on and on about the events this month has conceived but I doubt you want to hear it, would make a good soap opera though. Back to the real fake news however.

Hey, is everyone ready for the amateur draft? In my other world, for the newbies on that snippet should wait at least another season before picking up another team, held their draft this morning. I was very surprised in the fact that I drafted the number 2, 6 and 7 players on my board, not bad considering I drafted in the 28th spot.  All three were pitchers unfortunately, but they all should make a ML roster one day. Actually had a 4th in the top twenty but was a very iffy pick that can go play football for all I care.  I spent less time on that board than here, but caused me to make a few minor adjustments for the later rounds.

Meanwhile the Reds paid a whopping $30.5M for the services of Renyel Manuel.  We sent Linda Loo in to investigate, but haven't heard from her in days. What we do know is that he should make a great 3B that may border on occasional stints at SS if the need arises. Well that may be a stretch as he needs a lot of work to play SS and  probably 3B also. He will be one mean beast at the plate however. He looks like he might be worth every penny the Reds pump into him over the next 15 years or so.

Ricardo Pelaez was signed by the Tigers for  $17M.  He looks like he will play a great 2B but might be rather limited as playing time becomes a serious issue.  At the plate he has the aptitude to be be a very tough and hard hitting out. For the money, ummm well, maybe a little over priced if you ask me. Okay, remember my scouting is a bit hampered so what I am seeing is a $12 or $13M player at best in my books.

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