Friday, April 6, 2012

First 4 Games

So what have we learned after the first four games? Not much to go on in all reality. Things are going as expected however.

NL North

Cubs and Brewers are at the top but they don't meet for a while yet.

NL East

No one expected the Phils to be tied for first with the Mets though. That might be a bit of a surprise. Like the North duo, they don't meet for a while.

NL South

Astros and Marlins, both undefeated but not a surprise. All eyes will be focused on them for the series of the weekend.

NL West

A small surprise in the NL is the undefeated D'backs. The biggest surprise however is the split between San Diego and Salem...Go Padres! A big series between the D'backs and Salem is also featured this weekend.

AL North

The Twins and ummm...Blue Jays? umm That's right sports fans. They are a big feature in the AL this weekend.

AL East

The Red Sox and maybe the biggest surprise in the AL, Baltimore! And yes, another big weekend series.

AL South

No surprise here, didn't I tell ya this would be a gritty mess.

AL West

Sky Sox and A's go into the weekend tied, luckily they have a bit before they meet unlike the rest of the AL.

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