Sunday, April 22, 2012

Looking At My Draft Board

Egads sports fans! WIS has actually made this a very boring season I am afraid to say. Notice the lack of enthusiasm for my writing, there just hasn't been much to write about. Someone said it best as it is a repeat of last year, I am finding that to be true. Then to my surprise they have updated the blog software and it took me a while to figure out what they did, not sure of all new thingies they added or changed. So I guess it is time to look at my draft board so you can have some drivel to read about.

To begin with I have four picks in the top 100, woohoo! That means I actually have a chance to get four players from the top 25 of my board. What I wanted for my first pick isn't even in the draft, was looking for a real ML catcher or an ace closer. Neither one is on my board though I do have a setup man in the top ten but not one I would use for a closer. What is on my board though, even with my poor scouting department, is a couple SP1's and three or four SP2's at a minimum and quite a few end of rotation starters. Whether any of SP1's or 2's fall to the 21st pick is highly unlikely. With that said, doesn't leave much room for a top 10 pick from where I am sitting, but at least one pick will come from that arena.

I didn't spend much time on my board this year as I set things up as a quick cop-out more or less. Did my usual thing of weeding out the less than desirable health addicts and those whose profiles showing distress in signing. Hey, my budget is a little thin so have to be a bit conservative. That doesn't mean I drove off the "Want to be drafted in the first round" or "May sign if the deal is right", they may be a little more costly but can be dealt with on a thin budget. If you have the "Very Conservative approach" and it still drafts that kind of player, they sign sooner or later (more later than sooner). I did look at the top 100 picks though in my sorting arrangement, and moved out the DH's except for one, can always use a career minor league player in that spot. After a few days of letting the board sit like that, I came back and adjusted the top 100 looking for specifics that could help down the line. Didn't really take long, more to the fact that I have had a really busy two weeks and today was the first chance at taking a long look at things.

For those that are wondering, the teams that draft in the first five spots should get at least their first or second pick from their board as no ones board is the same. Those drafting 6 thru 10 should get no less than than a third, matter of fact, teams drafting in the first 16 picks should get a player in their top 5. From there on out, a team should get a player in their top 10 and should be in their top 8 at a minimum in the first round. Once the sandwich picks come in to play, those teams should still get a pick in their top 10 up until about pick 50. Then things start getting a little dicey as all the for sure ML players are off the boards. Then the probables start in which the 11 thru 20 ranked players which should hold out until round 4 starts. From then on it is the ones with an outside chance of making the majors starts in, which stops somewhere in round 7. After that players are more or less regarded as minor league fillers and quite a few have a chance if the WIS gods determine they are PED users (err... miss informed scouting) which happens after All-Star break.

So who do I have my eyes set on with the 21st pick? I have my sights set on a 2B, not sure he will be good enough at the position or not but is the best position player I think will be around. If that falls through then an end of rotation starter is high on my list followed by a good setup man. So here is my top 10 I have on my board, after the draft I will tell you the facts about them.

1. P - I expect him to go in the first 5 picks.
2. P - I expect him to go in the first 5 picks.
3. SS - I expect him to go in the first 5 picks also.
4. 2B - I am hoping he is there at 21, but not sure, to me he is a top 16 pick at least.
5. 2B - I am hoping he is there at 21, but not sure, to me he is a top 16 pick at least.
6. P - Could be there at 21 but not holding my breath, another top 16 pick.
7. P - Should be there at 21, but I would rather get him with sandwich pick.
8. SS - Should be there with 21st pick and may move him up one.
9. P - Should be there at 21, to me a later first round pick.
10. SS - Should be there at 21, but should go as a later 1st rounder.
11. CF - Classified more of a sandwich pick to a 2nd rounder if you ask me. Ok, after looking things over  here I changed my mind and dropped him a spot.

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