Monday, February 18, 2013

100 In the Books

That is absolutely right, 100 games into the season already. How are things shaping up with 62 to go?


Needing to only win half their games is the Cubs, Braves and maybe the Dodgers. Must be nice to sit on top of the dung heap with 60+ wins already. Doesn't mean they can cruise to the finish either as we know, anything can happen and usually does.

A lot of fight left before the final out is called. Marlins, Reds, Brewers, Pirates, Mets, Diablos and D'Backs are all trying to get a piece of the action. Yup, that is 10 teams in all, actually a bit unusual as it is normally 8 and maybe 9 teams still in the hunt at this time.


The AL is a huge dogfight, just look at the East! Detroit, who many of us think is the best team on paper, is just 4 games above .500 but have an 8 game lead. The East has three teams with identical records and another that can bite someone in the ass. Texas might be walking away with things in the South as Tampa and KC twiddle their thumbs. The Sky Sox have the best record in the AL and tied with the Cubs even for best record overall but just can't shake Anaheim.

Anaheim actually surprises me the most as they went FA shopping to begin things and their Money Ball tactics has paid off so far.

Rangers, Sky Sox and Angels are the teams that need to win about half their remaining games. Tigers, Rays, Mariners, Royals and the entire East is still in the running. That is still 11 teams, could be a first at this point in the season.

It really looks like a giant mess is brewing in both divisions.

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