Wednesday, February 13, 2013


While the owner of the talented AAA Brewers is lauding his fine team, here are some interesting things to linger on about.

1. The best offensive player on the team is actually a DH by the name of Rafael Molina. With past occurrences in Milwaukee there is a good chance he will play 1B or RF at the ML level.

2. Eli Baez carries a .352 BA with 27 dingers and 102 RBI's already.  He has already past just about every personal stat this year than a full season last year. I don't expect him to be even remotely that good at the ML level.

3. Phil Nakajima was called up to the majors and I am quite impressed so far. Though I think he will ebb to the norm soon.

4. The starting pitching staff really looks good and will probably be a staff in training for at least another season. The pen is full of those AAAA players.

5. One third of their losses has come at the hands of the NL East whom they don't face anymore, talk about odd scheduling. Another 5 losses has come at the hands of the Cardinals. Added together that is just over half of their total losses of 21.

6. He found out that Jose is heavily invested in Chinchilla farms. Not to be out done, he invested in a Quokka farm. Why, we don't know.

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