Friday, February 15, 2013

Ditr Hopefuls

Which DITR"s might grace a ML uniform?

Victor Tabata: C, Colorado Springs Sky Sox - Could become a good hitting catcher in time. Doesn't have great PC or arm and durability won't allow him to be a full time starter.

There are several that could warm the bench in a key defensive backup role, I just don't see it happening however.

Starting Pitching
Gene Winn: P, Minnesota Twins - Outside chance but would need to just about make every single projected rating and then it would still be iffy.

Bruce Mullen: P, San Diego Padres - Just like Winn, he would need to max out those projected ratings.

Don Shields: P, Milwaukee Brewers - Has a long way to go but has time to get there and may have the best shot.

Jeanmar Molina: P, Philadelphia Phillies -  Durability or lack of it causes problems here but still could toss an inning of shutout ball.

Darrin Wilson: P, Arizona Diamondbacks - I will give him an outside chance, I just don't see the splits making it.

Matthew Borchard: P, Louisville Colonels - Voted most likely to succeed in the DITR pen pool.

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