Friday, February 8, 2013

Pre-Blizzard Power Rankings

Having neglected to buy a dozen gallons of milk and loaves of bread in advance of the storm, I may not survive.  Just in case, here are some very quick power rankings, only time to comment on a few teams (last week's rank in parentheses):

1.  Chicago (1):  For a NL team, the offensive numbers are staggering.  Outside chance of going over 1000 runs

2.  Tampa Bay (2):  record is lagging, but still the best expected winning percentage in the AL

3.  Colorado Springs (5):  the catcher platoon has 28 HR and 79 RBIs through 74 games.  But the All Star game selfishly awards individual performance

4.  Anaheim (10):  off season spending spree is paying off big time.  Why spend seasons rebuilding when you can do it in one crazy week?

5.  Florida (3):  Ivan Johnson was called out in the last edition of power rankings, and went on to win back-to-back pitcher of the week awards.

6.  Texas (7)

7.  LA Dodgers (9)

8.  Cincinnati (6)

9.  Atlanta (8)

10.  Dover (20):  They're hoping they won't be this week's KC (see below)

11.  Detroit (12):  I assumed pre-season they would romp through the AL.  So far, not so much

12.  Mexico City (16)

13.  Arizona (11):  A client in Phoenix cancelled a meeting so I wouldn't need to take a redeye home.  In February.  To Boston.  Some people just don't get it.

14.  Milwaukee (14)

15.  Baltimore (13)

16.  Boston (18):  Fenway should be dug out in time for Opening Day, but if not, the real world team is gonna suck anyhow

17.  Seattle (15)

18.  Pittsburgh (25)

19.  Kansas City (4):  The streakiest team in the game, they went from 20th, to 4th, and now back down to 19th

20.  New York (23)

21.  Louisville (22)

22.  San Francisco (17)

23.  Minnesota  (19)

24.  Washington (21)

25.  Montreal (28)

26.  Philly (24)

27.  St. Louis (27)

28.  Toronto (30)

29.  San Diego (26)

30.  Little Rock (31)

31.  Helena (29)

32.  Houston (32):  barely survived a mob of angry villagers outside their gothic castle

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