Monday, February 18, 2013


Ya know there are times you just have to set back and say WTF!  This season has been one of them. We haven't been blown out in any games. We are on the plus side of 1-run games and extra inning affairs. Run production is a negative which is a bummer.

Marc Redman is having a good year so far at the plate. Not so hot playing 3B but will have to do.

Clarence Valentin has gotten off his lazy ass and decided to play this season. Hitting where I think he should and having a GG year at 2B.

Dan Radke has been moved into the starting lineup and has decided to hit for a change. He has always looked good in Spring Training and then fizzled in the regular season. Not the greatest defensive LF.

Omar Ordonez could have been an All-Star this year but splitting time in LF/RF probably took that away from him.

Leo Rodney has always been a disappointment at the plate for some unknown reason. Leads the team in OBP even with a .250 avg and only a 50-50 walk to strike out ratio. For him that average is actually pretty good comparatively, he always hits well at the end.

John McInerney is having a decent season at the plate. Playing CF is definitely not his strong suit.

Mariano Pimentel is even having a good season at the plate and behind it. He didn't even have a backup for the first 50 games. I finally brought up Chip Knepper to play DH and give Mariano a break.

I wasn't impressed with Chip and traded him to Little Rock which probably didn't sit well with Texas. I got Pepper Murton in the deal and he loves the change of scenery so far. I'm quite impressed so far anyway.

Ronn Penny has played a solid SS, too bad he is almost blind at the plate.

Mariano Diaz  hasn't been that impressive but he isn't exactly a stud either.

Guy Oquist has been great this season playing the supreme utility guy. We know he is trying to impress since he is hoping for a big contract in arbitration next year.

Pitching has been ugly at times and great at others, it is hard to read actually.

 Bobby Forbes has the numbers to be 8-2 instead of 2-8. Have no way of understanding it.

Harry Rodriguez is having his normal year.

R.J. Bellhorn is having a worse year than usual. To tell the truth he has the ratings of a premier lefty starter but pitches like a bad AAAA player. I don't get it and never will I suppose.

William Galloway is a guy that has the ratings of a AAAA but pitches like a premier pitcher, go figure.

Dean Boone had problems in the early configuration but has come on of late.

Benny Calero should have been on the All-Star roster.

Haywood Clifton another one of my AAAA pitchers that doesn't do a bad job.

Bernie Diaz left handed version of the previous guy.

Trace Kennedy turned out to be an alright pitcher for the money.

Cesar Perez is 6-1, why? we don't know either but his contract is expiring at the end off the season, thank goodness.

Sherm Brock has been great in the short roll. Allowed Herb Jenkins to be trade bait.

Wayne Hampton is having another fine season.

Ted Maxwell pitched well as a starter but had absolutely no luck what so ever. Moved him into the closers role and has been perfect.

Tito Gao is pitching well enough in his farewell season.

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