Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hot Trading

Tampa Bay announced a fire sale right before the trading deadline that actually didn't draw as much attention as intended. So what has happened so far.

Jim Waters went to LA for Rickey Smart. Reason for trade is simple from one standpoint, Waters will be in arbitration next season while Smart is a prospect. LA on the other hand needs a player that can help replace some old-timers. Not sure there was really an advantage here.

Al Steele went to Chicago for Jaime Parnell. The Cubs were desperate for a catcher, Steele is a good catcher but has durability issues. Clear win for Tampa Bay on this one. Maybe the Cubs should have dealt for Harvey Hatcher but may not have had enough to lure.

In a big move the Mets sent their most unwanted pitcher in R.J. Bellhorn and two prospects, Bennie Wagner and Francisco Gutierrez for Felipe Peralta.  Mets were very hesitant on the deal even though they initiated it, several times in fact, just ask Tampa Bay. Mets needed help at 3B or CF  plus a left handed bat and definitely got that at maybe a steep price. The Mets really wanted  Harvey Hatcher and Nicky Paige but couldn't come up with a monetary solution to the problem.

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