Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Post Season Awards Watch

Why not put the cart before the horse!

Cy Young

Alex Mesa and Edwin Webster are really going at it for the Cy Young award. Mesa is 15-2 and plays for a better team but overall Websters numbers are a little better with a 12-2 record.

Harry Ramos has a firm grasp with 28 saves in 31 chances.

Bart Ross is leading the way with his normal exceptional avg and OBP with a .345 and .435.  Other than that his production is typically normal.

Felipe Peralta leads the dinger contest with 39 but Del Alvarez and Collin Kirkland are keeping close with 37 and 36.

Who could win the MVP is anybodies guess at the moment.

Cy Young
Ivan  The Terrible Johnson is up to his old tricks with a 19-4 record with 5 for 5 in the save department. After Ivan I like Marty Gibbons, with a 12-3 record and not playing for a super team. Albert Cubillan is also 12-3 and has some pretty good numbers including 2 CGs and a SHO.

Wesley Hewson is leading the way with 31 Saves with some decent numbers but a loss and 7 blown saves doesn't look that impressive on the resume.

Pat Suzuki is well on his way to becoming the MVP once again. He leads in runs scored with 101, RBIs with 102 and Home Runs at 42.

Ebenezer Munoz does lead in hits (131) and average (.330).

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