Monday, February 25, 2013

Forty Again

Yup, it is here, 40 games to go and we have a barn burner of a season going on.

AL North

As predicted the Tigs have the lead but some of us was for sure it was gonna be a runaway. That hasn't happened because the Tigs have a problem on the road.  The Twins and Expos are holding on for dear life and are still in the hunt for the final Wild Card spot even.

AL East
Talk about wild, this division seems to have a new leader every week. The Red Sox are in first today and the rest of the field is 2 games back, I am not sure I have seen that...That's wooly!

AL South
The Rangers have a 10 game lead and look a bit comfortable. Wrecks called an end to the season in Tampa Bay but the players may not have gotten the message as they reamin viable in the race. He said the injury to Ismael Azocar was a sign, I don't believe it myself.  KC even has the audacity to believe they are for real, hmm I thought so at the beginning of the season.

AL West
The Sky Sox look commanding but may have to hold on for dear life with the hard  charging Angels bearing down on the rear door. Even the Mariners are hanging in there for a spot in the afterlife.

WoW!!!, can you believe 8 teams are vying for one playoff spot in the AL?

NL North
The Cubs have the best record so far this season up to this point anyway.  The Reds are still giving chase which still has the Cubs out of hibernation mode. Both the Pirates and Brewers are attempting to grab a Wild Card spot.

NL East
The Braves have a pretty big lead but have hit the skids lately. The Mets have made up some ground but haven't been all that enthusiastic about it as they chase the Wild Card bunch also.

NL South
The Marlins lead the way with Ivan at the helm but  only with a 4 game lead as the  Diablos are breathing down their necks.

NL West
The Dodgers are leading the way in the West, like the Cubs its only by 7. Arizona keeps getting close then sidewinds.

Whoa! 5 teams within 3 games of each other hunting down that final Wild Card spot and the Giants still have a realistic shot also. Talk about an exciting season! It is not for the faint of heart.

Note:  Pat Suzuki is really pissed about the Mets trade. He just might try and take it out on NY in the next 3 games.

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