Thursday, February 7, 2013

Intl News

Dover strikes a deal with Jose Espinosa for a $10.4M bonus. Dover saw that Home Run potential and dove in with all 8 cleated feet.  SS might be a dream but not out of the picture. His General abilities or better yet, disabilities could be a growing concern.  At the plate he is a corker but I don't see him hitting 50 long balls in 400 ABs.

Grade: B-

Texas sneaked in a deal with Christian Yoshii for a nice $9M jackpot. He might be a fumble fingers at SS but makes plays others only dream of. Knows his way around the plate but nothing over absorbing and has the ability to steal a base from time to time.

Grade: B

San Diego shelled out some cash for Juan Barrios and Ching-Lung Mori. Okay, I'm confused.

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