Sunday, March 10, 2013

Award Voting Is Coming

With only a few games to go, owners may want to start looking at who is on the award rosters.  I have looked them over and have made my decisions already as I don't think things will change all that much.


I am not to inspired about voting for a DH but Del Alvarez got my attention. The 27 games played at 1B was not awe inspiring however.

Collin Kirkland made a bigger impression as he does play 1B but his walk to SO ration ended up being the big factor in elimination.

Russell Lewis is my choice. Non power for average hitters don't get recognized that much but when one hits, runs and fields like he does, makes it an easy choice.


Pat Suzuki wins my vote hands down because he can do it all well.

AL Cy Young

I am not real enthused about any of the candidates but need to choose.
Jun Dong, how could you not like his stats? It is a one off season in my mind though.
I like Edwin Webster though he isn't what you would call a real starter.
Mark James gives up too many long balls to get my vote.
I usually don't for closers in this area but Harry Ramos has a good resume.
Someone will have to convince me to vote for either  Dong or Ramos.

NL Cy Young

Ivan Johnson is Ivan Johnson yet again but I don't think he was dominant.
I figured out how to break Willie Pascual, only took three tries.
Frank Cortes and Albert Cubillan had great seasons but...
I am voting for Vance Knowles because his overall numbers are the best.


Alex Mesa had a surprisingly good year pitching and it could be his best one.
Jose Hernandez is a 30 year rookie DH for average hitter, real good stat but he is a DH.
Tomas Otanez I believe will get my vote, a very good LF and a good for average hitter. A shame he has speed and can't steal well.


Landon Jones gets my vote, a little better team and a CY Young was possible. He faced the Mets once early on, pitched well but no offense sealed his doom.

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