Saturday, March 9, 2013

Down to SIX!

With Six games to go, did the playoff picture change?

AL North

Headlines Read:
Tigers Maul Sky Sox
Montreal Exposes Angels

The Tigs can wrap up the division crown with a combination of things but the easy way is two wins. They can capture the three seed by staying even with Boston as they own the first tie break (6-4).

The Expos are in a must win situation to have a shot at the Wild Card. Twins and Jays, so it won't be a cake walk.

AL East

Boston needs a win to secure the division crown but must finish ahead of the Tigs to get the three seed.

Washington is in a must win situation now. To make things worse, Boston is next on their list. 

AL South

Rangers have the crown already and have a slim 1 game lead for the one seed. It won't be easy with the Rays and Royals.

Royals have a one game lead for the final Wild Card spot. With the Heads and Rangers on tap, it would seem there could be an opening for the Senators or Expos.

AL West

Angels and Sky Sox are neck and neck and both were just humiliated but both are in the playoffs. Which will win the division crown and the one or two seed? They both play Seattle and Helena, may the best team win.

NL North

The Cubs of course with the division crown and the one seed.

The Reds have wrapped up the fifth seed.

NL East

The Braves have won the division crown and may have let the two seed slip away.

The Mets are still in contention for the final Wild Card spot but needs help besides needing to win out.

NL South

The Marlins popped into the lead by a game but got beat up badly by the Brewers and Mets. St Louis has proved not to be a reprieve who is on tap next.

Mexico City got pummeled by the Dodgers but managed to win one to stay close. Houston sounds like a good place to get ahead but a misstep could spell disaster.

The final three will have meaning I do think as the Marlins and Diablos will hook up for all the marbles.

NL West

The Dodgers have the division crown in hand and just need to do a little posturing for the number two seed, staying ahead of the Braves in the win column that is.

Arizona was very frustrated after losing 5 of 7 to the Mets. Tied with Mexico City for the final playoff spot didn't help. The Giants and Padres are their final foes and they probably need to win out also to have a chance.

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