Monday, March 4, 2013

The Twisted Twenty

Yup, the last twenty games are on tap. For many teams this is just a formality, several others means a possible playoff spot.


1. Cubs: Division pretty much in the bag with a 10 game lead. Comfortable 5 game lead for the #1 seed. A somewhat important 3 game series with the Braves on tap.

2. Braves: A 12 game lead in the division is pretty comfortable. It really looks like they are playing for the #2 seed which might be needful. The next 6 games could be trying with the Cubs and Mets but rather relaxing after that.

3. Dodgers: A comfortable 8 game lead in the division. The schedule is not exactly their friend with the Marlins, Reds, Diablos and D'Backs ready to do them harm. #2 seed is in reach but it will be a tough road, mostly at home though.

4. Diablos: Currently in the #4 spot with a 1 game lead. The reason is Reagan Mathews has decided to pitch this year. But Florida is right there in case of a slip. Could put some distance with a relatively easy schedule until the last 10 but they are all on the road.

5. Reds: A tenuous spot as the # 5 seed at the moment with only a three and four game lead. Not taking care of business in Arizona didn't help and the schedule is not friendly.

6. Marlins: Still in heavy contention for the division crown as well as this WC spot. They are a dejected bunch however with their heads hanging low as they lost 2 of 3 to the Pads. With a somewhat difficult schedule they must work thorough it if they wanna be theree in the end.


Diamondbacks and Mets: Almost identical type of schedules as they play each other 7 times. One can break the other or both. 

Pirates: The easiest schedule left if you call being in the North easy. We don't know what to think as they had an even worse Mets melt down with Houston followed by a Braves tomahawking.


1. Angels: Okay! Someone has to be kidding right? Nope, mal put together a moneyball team and look where they are after a surprising melt down by the Sky Sox. For how long we don't know as two teams are in close proximity including a 1 game lead in the division. The way things are in the AL I can't really say for sure but the schedule does not look friendly.

2. Rangers: Comfortable 9 game lead in the division and only 2 back from the #1 seed. Most of the schedule is on the road, not sure if that is good or bad but not exactly an easy one either.

3. Tigers: Just because they are in the North and too lazy to look it up. 8 game lead over the surprising Expos and Twins (your Been high I think as they look uberextraordinary on paper and just float along during the season. Had a melt down against Helena then handily swept Baltimore, I am just as confused. Not an easy schedule left at all.

4. Red Sox: They could actually be #3 for all I know. A tentative 3 game lead at the moment, think every team in the division has been on top at one point during the season and not long ago. Just won 5 of 7 from the Sky Sox, so they are on cloud 9 at the moment.  But not happy campers with the schedule as Texas invades next.

5. Sky Sox: They have collapsed in the last 30 games or so with no reasoning behind it what so ever. Other than Little Rock, they have barely showed up to play ball. With a comprising schedule and lack of enthusiasm we are not sure what might happen.

6. Senators: What? Yahoo! Could still win the East. 

Hopefuls: Everyone except Toronto, Little Rock and Helena are 5 games or less behind. Looking at the schedules doesn't help because everyone is so streaky.

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