Saturday, March 2, 2013

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I am frustrated about how this season has unfolded more than anything. 5 games with still a chance to make the playoffs should be heartening but it isn't. I still haven't got over what transpired several days ago. A four game sweep of a pretty good Giants team had me smiling but the Pirates put a damper on things with a sweep in my house no less. I was less than overjoyed, so much so the cats stayed away until I left the computer room. Oh well, shit happens, guess I can over look that one. Find some solace in Houston, no offense VL. That didn't happen either exactly, maybe I was expecting too much. A split wasn't what I had in mind, I could have dealt with winning 3 of 4, but 1-0 loss followed by a 5-4 loss had me quasimodo. My spirits even sunk lower when the Cubs were next on the list. It wasn't the fact that I got swept by the Cubs but the 2-1 losses, yeah that's right, we pretty much shut them down to no avail. Then came the sweep of Florida, the way things had been going caused me to scratch my head. Up next was San Diego and a probable 3 of 4 there. I can take getting beat by Flipper, but by the charleton (cheese ball kind ya know) maybe charlatan is better way to describe him.

 I was less than candor, why you got the Minor League report instead of the Dirty Thirty as usual. Then again a pissed off Dirty Thirty report may have been a better issue. BTW, have you ever looked at the Transaction Lists for minor league teams? Then try to make heads or tails about some of them? I think my Low A team might be in the running for the fewest with 4 DL actions since the start of the season. Think I will chat with Bruce and help drink one of his bottles of gin, tonic and lime please. I even have recipes for elegant candy tasting orange creme soda....

Anywho...after looking deeply into my crystal ball I noticed an odd occurrence. Maybe not so odd, there is probably like a 100% chance the Mets will end the season with 85 wins for the third straight year. That means we will have a record of 15-12 the remainder of the season. Most of the playoff teams would be overjoyed if 9 of those 15 wins came at the expense of Houston, Louisville and Philly. The odds of that happening holds water but the luck of the Mets make it slim. That means Mexico City, Florida and especially Arizona are not happy we are on their schedule. Then again, I don't think anyone is really happy with the end of the season antics called a schedule this season.

The Braves actually have themselves in a pickle or possibly backed into a corner. They either need to rest players or hope they can take the #2 seed. I know they have been trying and they know they must also scrape together at least 8 to 10 wins. 

So what does the Mets really need to happen to get in the playoffs? For one I ether have to at least split with Mexico City and take two from Florida and hope LA mops up for me. Take care of business with Arizona. Milwaukee and Pittsburgh are hopeful, but they both have a round robin in the North which isn't conducive. After looking the schedules over, the Pirates actually have the easiest.

The AL, I can't make heads or tails out of what is happening. Other than Colorado and Anaheim, no one really seems to be that enthusiastic. Well, the Tigs are on a high and are casually floating through time and space. Maybe everyone is waiting for a cataclysmic event to happen.

Just a reminder, it is September, time for minor league call ups in the morning.  I have been looking over my AAA troops and decided on three likely candidates. Not that I need to but more or less just to give some depth and a few more options. One of them is just a look see.

I have also been doing some analysis on some players most of the morning. The fans just love Guy Oquist this season. A whopping .331 batting average and 3 dingers...Not bad for my weak ass UT player. He got a lot of starts in CF after I got tired of all the misplays out there. They are just trying to make him look good for Arbitration next year, it isn't going to work BTW.

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