Friday, March 22, 2013

Top 10 Things About the Erffdogg League

  1. New owners competing for World Series (K-Mart and Wrecks).
  2. A "big tobacco" lawyer that goes by LuckyStrike.
  3. Tanktarding.
  4. Tardtanking.
  5. BruceHearse's unfettered access to alcohol.  Ever get the feeling? that SeaBreeze and Knucklebones had a love child, and that love child is BruceHearse.
  6. Northerngaul.  He is the "Ten Bears" of our Dances with Wolves.  "Let us smoke awhile."
  7. Dwight Johnson's sister.  
  8. Little Rock's international scouts.
  9. Players named Jumbo and Ebenezer.  And Injured Wilt flying team charters.
  10. Patrick Rudy.
  11. The re-branding of VEGETABLE LASAGNA.  And it stuck.
  12. Josepaco, the Larry David of the Erff.
  13. Mal's hatred of Vegetable Lasagna.
  14. Firesign - our own Boston Sports Guy.
  15. The new commissioner.

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