Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Intl Report

The International Market has been in full swing, just nothing to write home about until recently.  Pitchers with good ratings in the pitching department but no durability or terrible control but everything else is good. Position players with 1 or 2 tools and nothing else. Yet teams are spending a small fortune just to spend it. So here is a couple bright stars.

Little Rock spent $22.8M for Yusmeiro Molina.  There is a good chance his control will remain under the radar though his splits could be rather good. A flame thrower with good recoil but that third pitch might find the upper deck much too often.

Shelby Bergman seemed like a bargain at $22.1M for the Expos.  Doubtful he will play SS at the ML level but could be a standout at 3B.  Could steal a few bases with a wily coach. Has some very good qualities at the plate and bats left-handed to boot with some pop even. An ideal player for the first three slots in a lineup. A very good signing.

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