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In General

Each coach has a major attribute and a couple secondary attributes. The primary attribute will normally rise by up to 4 points after each season while secondary attributes normally will only rise by 0 to 2 points.  It is generally believed that the progression in points depends on how well the players respond, their record and the chemistry of the other coaches.

Patience and Discipline is always a good thing to have at the minor league levels but not crucial at the ML level.  These three attributes will never rise by the way as they will only decrease on an inactive coach. Loyalty is always good as he is more likely to stick around with an organization instead of a one and done type. Patience allows a coach to better teach the youngsters and boost their performance and advancement. Discipline allows a coach to better teach fundamentals, too much is bad though (I like the 50-60 range myself).

A good coach will stay at a level for 2 years before wanting a job at a higher level unless his primary attribute exceeds the level in question.The big overall objective is to hire coaches at the Rookie level that will progress through the minors like the players at a reasonable rate to possibly become your ML coaches one day.

Primary attribute rule of thumb:

Rookie: 40's LowA: 50's HighA: 60's, AA: 60's and 70's, AAA: 70's

Pitching Coaches

Primary attribute is Pitching IQ.
Secondary attributes Patience, Discipline, Strategy and Loyalty. Secondary attributes are more helpful in the minors than at the ML level. Like a high Discipline at the ML level will cause a pitcher to throw strikes which may not sound bad but if he is trying to get the terrible throw away pitch in for a strike, disaster is sure to follow. Patience at the ML level can be dependent for young players as opposed to vets.

Hitting Coaches
Primary attribute is Hitting IQ.
Secondary attributes Glove, Base Running, Patience, Discipline and Loyalty. Glove and Base Running do not need to be exceptionally high but always a nice commodity to have. A high discipline at the ML level might cause more strike outs to hitters.

Bench Coaches
Primary attribute is Strategy.
Secondary attributes is basically all of them that can complement the other two. Normally you will find these coaches can be relatively high in one other area.

First and Third Base Coaches ML only
Primary attribute is Base Running IQ.
This is really dependent on player speed, if you have three or more players that can be consistent base stealers then you want a First Base coach with an IQ above 50 or more at least. At Third Base you want a coach with an IQ above 75 or better at any time.

Fielding Instructor ML only.
Primary attribute is Glove.
Secondary attributes should be a high Patience and Discipline.
He is key to helping defenses perform at the ML level. He is also instrumental at teaching players and coaches the fundamentals at the minor league levels.

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