Friday, March 8, 2013

The Confusion Ten

The Last 10 games could be a thrilling ride for some.

It is a good possibility that the playoff teams will be announced after the next four games.

1. Chicago has wrapped up the this seed barring an unlikely collapse.
2. Atlanta sits here at the moment but only by 1 game.
3. Los Angeles could move up a spot yet.
4. Florida is heavily penciled in but could fall to Mexico City and possibly completely out. Brewers, Cards and Diablos left on the schedule.
5. Cincinnati owns this spot but needs to win three or four and that seems most likely.
6. Mexico City could take the division crown yet but has to go through LA, Houston and Florida to get there. Truthfully, it doesn't look good. 
7. Arizona is tied with Mexico City and anything could happen. Mets, Giants and Padres left looks more appetizing.  
8. Pittsburgh is only 2 back of the final spot and need to win and get help, that won't be easy either. Colonels, Cubs and Reds, don't get your hopes up too much.
9. New York needs to win all 10 probably, D'Backs, Colonels and Phills. 

What a mess!! Believe it or not it could come down to a tie breaker between the Senators and Royals for the final WC spot.

1. Sky Sox, Angels or Rangers, someone please make up their minds. Can't remember the last time I seen so much contention for the number 1 seed this late.

2. Rangers or winner of the West.
3. Boston for now but must hold off Detroit.
4. Detroit for now as they need to watch out for the suddenly surging Expos.
5. The loser of the West, at least this one is simple enough. 
6. Kansas City gets penciled in but the eraser is ready.
7. Montreal suddenly in contention.
8. Washington D.C is in a filabuster or is that a fluster. 

Angels vs Expos could define the whole works real easy, what a series this is going to be.
Sky Sox vs Tigers can't get any better than that.

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