Friday, March 1, 2013

Minors at a Glance

The AAA NL Has their 6 teams almost. The Giants and Padres are still fighting it out for control of the West while the Colonels are like Custer making their last stand. The big story here is about the Brew Crew who were running away with the #1 seed around All-Star break. We think they have found Bruce's gin supply and been happily imbibing. So much so in fact that the Mets, Astros and Cards have caught up and are could pass them by.  We don't see it happening however, as there just isn't much fight in the Northern opponents.  The #2, #3 and #5 seeds will go to the round robin winners in the East and South. Meanwhile the #4 will go to the last man standing in the West. The #6 seed could be a bit up in the air if one of the two teams in the West totally collapses. 

Very little drama  in the AA NL. The Brew Crew should drink their way well into the evening with a 44 game lead and the #2 seed. The #1 seeded Astros (101 wins is a woowee!) only concern is which beer to serve at the next series, Corona, Dos XX or Tecata and the number of limes needed as they will face the #5 seed Diablos before the playoffs even begin. Worse for the Astros though is they will turn around and have to play a series against the #6 seed Cards then face one of them again in good probability in the playoffs. The  Phils will more than likely be the #3 seed. The Padres and Giants are fighting once again in the West, a 5 game lead is tough to overcome though in a rough and tumble division as we think the Padres will survive.
The Mets are just hoping to win 3 or more games to be .500 or better.

At HiA NL the #1 and #2 seeds will be the Phils and Padres and it is doubtful that it matters. The Cards have the #3 seed while the pesky Brewers have the #4 seed. Mets are currently in the #5 seed while the Diablos and Astros and going to have one of those donny brooks for the #6 seed.

At LoA NL Has the best win record with a 102 total by the Padres which must mean they are the #1 seed (DoH!)  Following close behind is the Phills and Colonels in the 90's, being in the same division means their is a fight looming for the #2 and #5 seeds. Worse yet for them is the Diablos, who could worm their way into the #2 seed while nobody is looking.  The Mets and Astros get to throw their 2 cents in and a monkey wrench besides as one will grab the #6 seed, Astros in all likelyhood. Up North, the Brewers ( haven't we heard enough of them?) will grab the #4 seed with a possible sub .500 record. 

Rookie NL is a complicated mess with about 8 games to go. Chances are the Phills will be the #1 seed, Diablos the #2 seed, Giants the #3 seed for sure, and a good chance the Pirates might tiptoe into the #4 seed. 4 teams are casting their ballots for the two WC spots, Colonels, Mets, Marlins and Cards. Big note here, the Mets ended the Marlins 16 game win streak. 

AL AAA sees the Expos with the #1 seed. The Senators and Royals vying for the #2 seed. The Marines bring up the rear at the #4 spot.  The Tigs and Beetles are holding down the WC spots. The Angels were in the thick of things but their 1-9 slide just about took them out of the picture. 

The AL AA picture is in complete turmoil still. The Heads are in position to easily wrap up the #1 seed and the Expos with the #2 seed. The Beetles (not the Liverpool bunch either) and Senators may take the rest of the season to determine a winner in the East along with the Sky Sox and Hot Pockets in the West throw in a possible coup by the Mariners. The WC adds the Twins and Tigs to the mix.  Look out! anything could happen and usually does.

AL HiA is pretty well determined as the only dramatic end could be in the East as the Beetles and Red Sox vie for the crown and/or a WC spot. Yup, them perturbed Expos has the #1 seed while the Heads are penciled in at #2.  Them pesky Beetles and Mariners are tied for the #3 and #4 slot though the Red Sox could easily stick their big toe in things. The Tigs wrap up the #5 seed, but at least we know who the 6 teams are.

AL LoA could have an exciting finish for the #1 seed as the Expos (again?) and Tigs have 90+ wins in the North, unfortunately the #5 seed awaits one of them as a boobie prize. Sky Sox and Heads nab the #2 and #3 seed which could see a flip flop before things are done. The Beetles settles in with the #4 seed. The final WC spot is up for grabs between the Rays, Senators and Hot Pockets.

Rookie AL is a difficult mess with the Expos on top (boring huh?) but could be tested by the Rangers who have their own worries with the Royals. Then we have a confrontation in the West between the Hot Pockets and Sky Sox.  Just for fun we throw in the Tigs, Twins and O's.  


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