Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Top Players in the Draft

This is what I feel is the best 10 from the Season 22 draft, yeah you all can agree to disagree. After the top 7 it got a little tough mind you. How many of these will become stars remains to be seen as a sure thing may become an after thought at any time. Many of those not selected can have great careers and could exceed the selected 10 even, as it can be a crap shoot.

1. Landon Jones, P , San Francisco Giants. Drafted 1

2. Ray Shunick, P, Washington D.C. Senators. Drafted 3

3. Claude Chatwood, CF, Chicago Cubs. Drafted 5

4. Rick Ramsay, RF, Detroit Tigers. Drafted 9

5. Andrew Robinson, P, Cleveland Indians. Drafted 6

6. Kiki Bennett, 2B, Little Rock Heads. Drafted 10

7. Derek Rodgers, 2B, Toronto Blue Jays. Drafted 20

8. Joshua Burns, 1B, Dover Dung Beetles. Drafted 13

9. Darrell Gardner, 2B, Tampa Bay Rays. Drafted 28

10. Douglas Perez, SS, Seattle Mariners. Drafted 30

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