Thursday, June 21, 2012

Season of New Reords

The watch is on for certain players this season as old records could be broken.

Joey Tracy hold the Home Run record at 749, too bad he just couldn't muscle one more out. He is up for Hall of Fame and should be a shoo in. Free Agent  Everett Hill , has the chance to pass his record this season however. Needing only 26 long balls to pass the record, the watch will be on.

David Guardado may get the chance to break Luis Cruz At Bat record, it could be close folks. However he should easily set a new a record in games played.

 Pascual Solano took over the number 1 Save leader. With another good season could he shut out Zeus Singleton from reaching the number 1 spot? Zeus should easily roll into the number 2 spot this season. Dom Tabaka also has his eyes glued to the 500 Saves pinnacle also as he should easily move into the the number 4 spot this season with a possibility of number 3 next season.

Omar Elcano should retain the Wins department for another season staying ahead of Ivan Johnson, but inevitably Ivan will rule the scene.

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