Monday, June 25, 2012

Middle Signings

Ross Banks signed a two year $7M deal with the Little Rock Heads. Makes us wonder why.

Raul Izquierdo makes his way to Oakland to continue his DHing ways for another 2 years at $4.8M.

Andy Fassero found a new suitor in the Chicago Cubs in a one years deal for $5.4M. Might be guessing as to what position he might play.

Felipe Mendoza moved to Toronto in a four year deal at $7M. Perez to DH, makes sense.

David Encarnacion makes his way to St. Louis in a two year deal worth $4.8M.

Toronto signed Diego Nunez to a four year deal at $7M. Needed pitching help, now for the rest of the lineup and coaches.

Mariano Castillo was tagged by the  Little Rock Heads as a must have player and paid a small ransom for a five year deal. Then again some of us wonder why.

The Boston Red Sox paid dearly replenishing their pitching staff, another whopping amount for Bill Saunders, five year deal at $9M+ a year.

The Texas Rangers won the lottery for the services of Everett Hill but at a very stiff price.  A very pricey and risky five year deal.

Galahad Mercedes signed on with the Twinkies in a two year deal.

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