Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ending Signings

 Erv Pisciotta signed by Florida in a $3.8M for 3 year deal.  A Type A? At least he didn't get Type A money.

Chun-Lim Satou signed a five year deal with Toronto for $5M a year. Can still play 3B and hit really well.

Jose Ortiz signed a 2 year deal with Little Rock for $5M+.  His resume dictates a Type A?

Raymond Barr was the hitting prize of Free Agency other than Hill and both wind up in Texas. In a back heavy 5 year deal becomes the highest paid FA of the season. Hopefully the Health and Durability doesn't cause too much strain.

Harry Beltran said "Show ME da Money!" and Florida did just that. A 5 year deal worth $2.5M a year and oh yeah, an $8M signing bonus.

David Gomez signed a four year graduated deal with Louisville. We hope his arm passes the physical.

Ron Hudson  garnered a two year deal with Anaheim for $2.5M a year. Only a Type B, what gives?

Anaheim being stingy with their $$$ also signed Junior Beverlin to a two year deal for $3.4M.

Jesus Martinez is happy that Frisco came calling with a $3.5M two year deal.

Fausto Alomar signed with Toronto in a three year deal that averages $9M a year. He wasn't worth it before so why now?

Little Rock still in the FA frenzy mood signed Del Estrada to a one year $3.3M deal.

The Boston Red Sox picked up Paul Walter in a three year deal worth $2.5M.

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