Friday, June 22, 2012

Free Agency Souting Report

Originally I was going to do a report on the players that was wanting $6M or more, that turned into too many. So I decided it would be better to pull the best two or three at each position. Simple terms, my watch list, though I don't need anyone per se. Of course there could be some late arrivals from Arbitration.

Buyer beware here as I consider any catcher below a 50 PC as a DH to begin with.

Jesus Martinez - Upside: Great power and hitting abilities. Downside: Poor defense, marginal PC and game limited.

Victor Milliard - Upside: Good hitting abilities, good PC and defense. Downside: Limited play time.

Felipe Mendoza - Upside: Very good hitter, good defensive skills, still young enough for a long term contract. Downside: Only good for 125-130 games.

Ruben Lopez - Upside: Good glove, decent hitting abilities, a gamer. Downside: Age and contract.

 Frank Gordon - Upside: Decent glove,  speed and a gamer.  Downside: Hasn't shown plate ability.

Omar Ordonez - Upside: Good power, young and a gamer. Downside: Not a 2B and hasn't lived up to his plate abilities.

Mariano Castillo - Upside: Decent power, decent speed and a gamer. Downside: Not really a good 3B, hasn't shown plate ability.

J.C. Welch - Upside: Good glove and decent hitting abilities. Downside: Getting short on game side.

Chun-Lim Satou - Upside: Good glove and good hitting abilities. Downside: Limited play time and streaky hitter.

Truth be told , there are several defensive gems here that want more money than their overall value for the asking price and of course some that have no business in the SS realm.

 Everett Hill - Upside: Still the prolific power hitter, base stealer and gamer. Downside: Age, contract and LF defense Note: would make a great 1B for two years, get an option for the third.

 Raymond Barr - Upside: Very good power hitter, defense and speed. Downside: Limited game play and health issues.

T.J. O'Brien - Upside: Very good hitter, good speed and a gamer. Downside: Defense is very marginal for RF

Vicente Estrada - Upside: Great power hitter and a gamer. Downside: Health and poor defense.

Eric LaRocca - Upside: Decent hitting abilities and a gamer. Downside: Poor defense and marginal speed.

David Gomez - Upside: Good power hitting abilities and a gamer. Downside: Health and poor defense.

Starting Pitchers
George Donatello - Upside: Control, velocity and GB Downside: splits and only two pitches.

Bill Saunders - Upside: good pitching abilities Downside: Health

Fausto Alomar - Upside: Good pitching abilities Downside: Slow recovery time, weak pitch selection.

Diego Nunez - Upside: Good pitching abilities. Downside: Only two pitches and slow recovery.

Cesar Rincon - Upside: Decent off speed pitcher. Downside: Pitch selection somewhat weak, age vs contract desire

Middle Relievers
Juan Sosa - Upside: good control and pitchers. Downside: Poor left split

Short Relievers
Harry Beltran - Upside: Good abilities Downside: Only one good pitch

Paul Walter - Upside: Good abilities. Downside: Second pitch is lame.

Julio Owen - Upside: Good control and splits Downside: Lefty, off speed, FB

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