Saturday, June 30, 2012

OffSeason Trades

The Offseason trade market got underway and became a fast moving market with lots of big names changing cities.

The first trade of the season was between Texas and Chicago which saw a young veteran reliever in Walt Shelley and ancient reliever Mark Carew move to Chicago.  Texas gathered up three potential prospects in Royce Brown, Phillip Doerr and Fred Donnelly. Not sure there was a clear winner in this trade.

Little Rock sent prospect Eddie McMillan to Montreal for veteran reliever Denny Boyd and 2.5M in cash. The cash actually evened the deal up in my opinion.

In the first really big trade of the season, Houston sent power hitting veteran Gold Glover CF, Arthur Donatello and 3.5M in cash to Boston. In return Boston gave up prospects J.P. Nieves, Julian Pagan, and Orber Acevedo. I like Pagan, pick up a couple points in glove and contact, could be a potential situational power house backup at 2B against lefties.

And in the Reds/Cubs annual Who Cares Trade, Cincy sent Ken Messmer to Chicago for Alex Gallardo.

Dover picked up Ramon Nakajima while sending prospect Tomas Otanez to Colorado. This could be an interesting trade in the end.

Oakland sent Alvin Ball to Boston for Bip Cosby and 1.5M in cash. The question is whether Ball is ready for the Bigs, spring training hasn't been good to him so far.

In another somewhat big trade, Milwaukee sent Bart Ross to Detroit for prospect Ezequiel Uribe. Black Bart could fit in quite nicely in the Motor City. The question on the fans minds, is Wesley Millers job on the line?

Little Rock sent pitching prospect Jeff Thomas to Anaheim for the ancient veteran Andres Coronado 1.5M in cash. Did the Heads finally find a closer they can trust?

The Mets sent veteran Domingo Jose and 5M cash to Pittsburgh for prospects Ignacio Campos and Tony Post. Mets needed a roster spot and Domingo's knee has been taking its toll. 

In the trade of the season, they say the paper work broke the table. Houston sent Mitch Knotts and Jesus Candelaria to Detroit for prospects Robinson Montgomery, Ricardo Pelaez and Rick Ramsay. Detroit suddenly becomes a viable force in the AL North while Houston quickly loads up on talent.

Detroit not being done sent  Phil Nakajima to Milwaukee for veteran pitcher Paul Pecina.

In other news, the Burlington Coat Factory led by none other than our illustrious boydndahood is 20 games away from wrapping up the number 1 seed in the NL of Wright. Big deal you say, I think so as they  have only given up a total of 378 total runs in 142 games. The offense isn't great and has only scored 526. Almost half their losses has been by 1 run. Yes they do have the best defense but it is that pitching staff that gets the job done.

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