Friday, June 8, 2012


We have come down to the final four teams for season 23. For a boring season, the playoffs have actually been rather exciting. It hasn't been since season 16 that the top four teams have been in the LCS. Furthermore, season 10 was the last time the top two teams met for the World Series and for further inquiries, season 3 was the only other time. So who will make the appearance is very up in the air.

Sky Sox vs Rays: Power against power at the plate but the Rays have the advantage. Sox have an advantage in the speed department and the Rays are not great at stopping it.  The Rays may have a slight advantage in the pitching department. The Rays also have a slight advantage in defense. The season series was split. Neither team has been in the World Series. It would seem that Tampa Bay has the edge and should be favored. Rays 4-3.

Marlins vs Super Sequoias: Another set of power vs power at the plate with the Sequoias with an advantage. The Marlins have the speed edge and both teams do an admirable job at slowing it down. The Sequoias also have an edge in defense. Pitching is too close to call and Ivan the Terrible is a wild card. The season series was 6-4 in favor of the Marlins. Well, what should the odds be? Both teams have been in the World Series before with the Marlins winning twice. I am going with Salem 4-3.

Even after all this I am still up in the air about who will win though I made my predictions.  This will be my last post for the season as real world events will keep me away for at least a week and maybe longer. I am hoping to be back before the new season begins. Congrats to the winner whomever it will be.

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