Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Second Round Preview

The Sky Sox vs Twins: Sox are well rested with the bye while the Twins fought hard to get by the Heads. The Sox led the regular season 7-3 but haven't played each other since before the All-Star break. It could be a tough series that could go either way. Sky Sox are the #1 seed for a reason so they get the odds, 4-2.

Rays vs Red Sox: The Rays rested while the Red Sox took care of business against the Angels.  This is a match up of power hitiing and the Rays have the better pitching IMHO.
Therefore the odds are 4-1 in the Rays favor.

Marlins vs Mets: The Mets are in the playoffs for the first time since season 1, they won their first playoff game and playoff series. The season series was a 5-5 wash with several 1-run affairs. This could be an upset special but doubtful. Marlins only get 4-3 odds favorite though.

Super Sequoias vs Pirates: The Pirates are the only Wild Card to make it to the second round after beating their division foes. The Sequoias own the season series 7-3 and well rested. The Pirates are a tough team to beat in the playoffs while the Sequoias seem to flounder.  The Sequoias still have to be favored at 4-2.

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