Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rule V Results

I rarely participate in the Rule V draft because there usually isn't any helpful talent. If there is, usually you need to be drafting in the first couple slots. If I do participate it is usually to find a catcher or defensive backup. Here is the low down on the first round in the very light draft.

1. Marty Gibbons drafted by St Louis. I think I would have found a way to protect him myself.

2. Darrell Harris drafted by San Diego. Weak defensively for RF but has speed and could fit the Padre mold.

3. Paul Cho drafted by Baltimore. Nothing fancy here, could be real good some days and real bad others.

4. Dioner Martinez drafted by Helena. I am kind of on the fence about this guy.

5. Josh Franco drafted by Kansas City. Toronto's fourth loss in five picks. A good defensive weapon at 2B and hitting may be enough to keep him around.

6. Paul Fetters drafted by Montreal. Listed as a 1B but I think that is out of the question but should make a pretty decent DH.

7. Lariel Rivera drafted by Philadelphia.  Could play a good 1B, hits with big power but not often.

8. Esteban Troncoso drafted by Mexico City. Has some upside but doubtful he will stick.

9. Willie Richard drafted by Oakland. Not great at the plate but makes a great key defensive backup.

10. Kirk Bennett drafted by Anaheim. Not a SS but could play a somewhat decent RF but lack of hitting will make a very short career.

11. Carl Browning drafted by New York. Key defensive backup and could get better.

12. Domingo Torres drafted by Little Rock. A reach to play anywhere but 1B but could provide a little offense.

13. Vernon Darling drafted by Houston.  A solid defensive player.

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