Sunday, June 24, 2012

Early Signings

Victor Milliard is first on our list signed by the Detroit Tigers. A needed signing by Tigs and a bargain at $4.5M for 3 years. Will the Tigs sign another is the question as Wesley Miller (a catcher?) is the only backup.

Boston wasted no time in signing Cesar Rincon to a four year somewhat declining deal. Hopefully there is an option in there.

Boston also needed more pitching help evidently as they snagged Daniel Blackwell to a one year deal worth $4.7M. They may not be done in the pitching department.

Eric LaRocca signed with the San Francisco Giants in a five year deal for $6.3M. Another possible option candidate. Will he play LF while Freddie Cox moves to 1B?

The Baltimore Orioles signed Mike Jackson to a declining four year deal.

The  Salem Super Sequoias signed George Donatello to a three year $6.5M deal to help their situation.

Barney Byrne agreed to a 2 year deal with the Tampa Bay Rays. Hopefully he passed the physical.

Tito Gao made waves with the Louisville Colonels with a 2 year deal worth $6.5M.

The Louisville Colonels replaced their departed 1B with Ruben Lopez with a 3 year deal at $5M. Hopefully an option was executed here also.

And yes, Midre Davis goes home to Cincy to serve out the remainder of his career. That being a two year deal for $3.2M, Good Luck Midre.

J.C. Welch in a surprise move resigned with the Texas Rangers after being traded last year and option declined by the Cubs. Welch ended up the winner with a bigger contract and a three year deal.

Cincy likes old vets and signed Pedro DeSoto to a 2 year deal at $5.8M. His shoulder should be well before opening day.

The San Francisco Giants still on the prowl signed T.J. O'Brien to one of those strange 4 year deals. The deal makes him the highest paid FA so far this season however. So who plays where now?

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