Tuesday, November 20, 2012

News of the Hour

Eugenio Cruz signed a deal with the Houston Astros for $2.5M. Short on control but has enough in splits and pitches to be an adequate every day 30 pitch guy. Worth a shot if you ask me.

Yoo-Nah Yamamoto signed a staggering $14M contract with the Philadelphia Phillies. Philly wants him to play 3B at the moment but me thinks he will matriculate to SS before things are said and done with a side job at 2B and CF. Originally I thought he was over paid but if he can play a good SS, well worth the money even though he is a somewhat erratic slap hitter. Does he have stock in his favorite drink, Yoohoo?

Post season award watch is on, so who might be there to generate a buzz around the league in the end?


NL:  Pat Suzuki and Barry Cook are the front runners in my book. When the Mets played the Cubbies last time though I was more worried about Claude Chatwood, what a trio.

AL: Sorry AL, I am just not sold on the early list for this prestigious award. Where is Victor Aardsma and Juan Redondo?

Cy Young:

AL: Umm, like the list is led by two closers, neither one is Ivan material, so me thinks this will change also. Mitch Knotts might have the inside track at the moment.

NL: Victor Morlan staved off the Mets attack in their last meeting even though it turned into a no decision. Alex Matos lost the geriatric war with Joseph Wang and the Mets in their home park no less, so you can guess where my vote lies at the moment.

Rookie of the Year:

AL: This one could get heated with 3 young Tigs on the list and two of the three deserving at the moment. I would side with Jack Root if he puts up a couple more wins before the end of the season.

NL: We find Claude Chatwood here of course.  Renyel Manuel may have been brought up too soon but he can definitely play ball.  Me thinks a couple other players could make their way onto the list also.

Fireman of the Year:

This is going to be hotly contested til the end of the season in both leagues. Will this be Pascual Solano's last season? Rumor has it that he has testicular cancer but has the balls to play through it til the end of the season.

Silver Slugger and Gold Glovers:

Not much to say here as it always changes before the final tallies. But I will trade Houston my clumsy backup LF for the catcher.

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