Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Intl Market News

Luis Sanchez was ecstatic about signing his contract with the Montreal Expos for $16.6M. He wasn't exactly signed for his defense as it exactly award winning in any aspect but somewhat adequate at the position. His plate awareness is what brings in the big bucks but not with extreme power but will hit some dingers and be a very tough out. A good buy if you ask me.

Roberto Franco was hoping for a bigger contract but settled for a $3.1M contract with Tampa Bay. Being a 3B with the range of a snail may have had something to do with it. We really don't see him playing at 3B and may be relegated to 1B/LF. What is fascinating is his extreme power at the plate with an above average eye and maybe contact with the ability to take lefties downtown.  For that price I would say excellent buy.

Cesar Sanchez was paid $2.3M by the Dover Dung Beetles. Listed as a CF but I have serious doubts about that but could have an outside shot at 2B. His health is not so hot and his hitting just doesn't look like ML material to me.

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