Thursday, November 15, 2012

Intl Market Update

Lots of movement in the International Market as Houston has been buying up career minor league players left and right. However, a couple has caught our eye.

Santo Pulido was swallowed up by the Montreal Expos for $6.1M. Listed as a 1B of which his chances of playing that position in the majors looks pretty damn slim. With his power bat and hitting style may make him a formidable DH. Over the top power DH's have been hard to come by lately so I would say a good signing.

The Houston Astros paid $4.4M for the services of Benito Espinosa. A catcher lacking in range while glove and arm are not the greatest. Defense may not his calling but he does have a way with the pitchers and some good durability. Hitting while not blistering has some pop and should do well in the juice Box. Overall a good signing.

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