Thursday, November 8, 2012

PED People ...errr...Diamonds

Herman Snyder, C, Louisville Colonels: Hmnm not sure how PEDs work their way into this one as his power is still very lackluster. Could turn into a nice defensive catcher but lacks durability to start many games and doesn't have many seasons to hone his skills.

Peaches Gleason, C , Texas Rangers: Could turn into a decent catcher and good hitter in a few seasons.

Dee Carpenter, C, New York Mets: Mets management likes P catchers with good arms and he falls into that category now but will the ML see his talents in the end.

Aurelio Mercedes, 3B, Baltimore Orioles: All that power and little contact, well give and take I suppose. Could turn into a defensive stalwart at 3B and maybe even 2B.

Allen Giles, P, Chicago Cubs: New found excitement in the Cubs organization but it might be too soon to celebrate.

Gregory Bridges, P, Houston Astros: They are extremely happy with this prospect suddenly.

Wally Stoops, P, Boston Red Sox: Brief celebratory happiness in Boston but does he fit into their plans.

Jonny Powell, P, Helena Hot Pockets: They rolled their eyes as it is probably too late in his career.

Dann Kelly, Anaheim Angels: I can play any position now just because I can't hit at the little league level means nothing.

Morris Faulk, P, Atlanta Braves: What do I care, I am training to be a pitching coach.

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