Friday, November 23, 2012

Yesterdays News Today

Hipolito Bennett procured a contract from Little Rock for $10.7M. Could be an outstanding buy as he is a potential Gold Glover at SS or just about any place. Not so hot at making contact at the plate but won't be abysmal and has a little pop. 

The Louisville Colonels saw fit to offer Michel Bennett a $4.8M deal. He could have great stamina and he will need it if his durability doesn't improve. Overall looks to be a decent off speed pitcher though that 3rd pitch looks awful. A definite cheap acquisition.

The Houston Astros offered Jorge Gomez a $4.2M contract. SS doesn't look promising but could be an outstanding 3B. Tends to be a strike out victim quite a bit but shouldn't be overly terrible and has a little power. Not bad for the price.

The Seattle Mariners agreed to terms with Livan Limon with a $5.8M deal. Left handed starters still aren't a prized commodity and he doesn't have the greatest of pitches which probably kept him form the real big money jar. All in all still a pretty good buy.

It is getting close to the expanded roster and rookie call up time. I had a plan this time around but haven't been able to coax the Braves into taking the 6th Wild Card spot away from me at AAA. That could very well put the plans on hold to being scrapped at this point. 

I am a little bug eyed about my Low A squad as they have put together a 21 game win streak and 103 wins.  You would think that a streak like that would be a run away for the #1 seed. The catch behind that, the other teams need to lose and that didn't exactly happen.  

Someone made a comment about seeing the worst pitcher ever at the ML level. To tell the truth I have seen worse and it might get a little worse for everybody. Attrition rates for the great pitchers is up and new ones is a quite a bit on the low side the last few years. The same can be said of the big power hitters also.  

Here is an example and before you look at his ratings look at his stats and awards. Oh and put with that another possible Cy Young at the AAA level. In real life how do you tell him he ought to get a job flippin burgers without giving him a chance or tell he'll amount to nothing more than a career minor league pitcher?  There is a 99% chance he will be a starter for the Mets next season. He just might be the next Anderson Henley, remember him from season 21? Though he did turn out to be a one year wonder boy.  Err, umm, he is flippen burgers now btw, actually he owns the joint.

Bernie Diaz is in my pen, mostly as an emergency pitcher but gets the job done rather well. His stats would look a lot better if a a certain CF on my team would quit droppin lazy fly balls....grrr.

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