Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Dirty Thirty

Yes indeed it is time for the final thirty report.

AL North

The Tigs and Jays are playing leap frog here, Jays have got to worry about a lucky strike at any Schedule may favor the Jays somewhat but anything can happen here.

What needs to happen: Tigs just need to equal the Jays win for win. Jays need to win 1 more than the Tigs at a minimum. It could boil down to the best of three the last week of the season. Jays or Tigs, either could lose the division and still make it as a Wild Card by staying ahead of the Rays.

AL East

Boston has the division pretty well wrapped up like an early Christmas present. Baltimore has molted their way into the Wild Card race.

What needs to happen:: Boston just needs to win a few to get a top seeding. Baltimore will probably need to win 20 of the 30 to have a chance, a long shot.

AL South

Texas has command but still a might  tenuous yet as Tampa Bay has not given up. Little Rock has not given up hope for a Wild Card spot but it would be a rough journey.

What needs to happen: If the Rangers play .500 ball, the Rays would need to win 21 to tie. 6 games doesn't seem all that difficult to make up with 30 to go but that scenario does make it look impossible. Tampa Bay also needs to worry about Toronto, Detroit  and a sneaky Orioles team also.

AL West

Seattle has snapped out of the doldrums of the "Dog Days" and created some distance in their shrinking lead. Colorado Springs were inching their way close but doesn't seem all that likely now.

What needs to happen: If Seattle only wins 10 more games, Colorado would need to win 24, that is a little far fetched. At .500, Colorado should easily be the fifth seed.

NL North

Cubs can hibernate early as they only need to stay ahead of the Braves for the #1 seed if they so desire. Pittsburgh and Cincinnati are fighting for second place and a Wild Card for each. Both have a watchful eye on each other as well as Salem and New York.

What needs to happen: Pretty obvious situation here win or stay at home as it is tight.

NL East

Braves have the division wrapped up, is the #2 slot good enough? Mets have caught fire (a and got themselves in the thick of the Wild Card.

What needs to happen: Win more games than the other Wild Card hopefuls for the Mets. Mets would like to push it and make the Wild Cards win 90 games or more, that would mean 18 wins out of 30 which is very doable.

NL South

The Marlins have just been getting by which seems good enough as Mexico City hasn't taken advantage. Mexico City is not out of the Wild Card race but in a tough spot.

What needs to happen: Mexico City has to play and play very well to make a run.

NL West

Arizona was given a chance to widen the lead but failed. Salem just hasn't played well. Not sure what to think myself.

What needs to happen: Both need to start winning is what things boil down to. Arizona has a very tough schedule remaining so they will need to start playing well.  Salem has a relatively easy one but haven't scared anybody as of late themselves.

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