Thursday, November 1, 2012

Intl Market

Okay, y'all knew this one was coming as the Boston Red Sox got some bang for their buck with the signing of Michael Bang for $12M. He rates up their with Mike Hunt, don't ya think? He decided to play in the States when his hometown Hawks wouldn't match the offer.

The flame thrower has or will have some decent control, good splits for a lefty though the pitches look somewhat weak. Looks like a good signing by Boston and the money is about right for a probable 3rd to 5th starter.

In other news, the Montreal Expos are ecstatic about signing of Rafael Baerga for $1.7M.

Listed as a LF, it is doubtful he will make it past playing 1B. Does have a nice eye, good contact and splits. Does lack for speed but a very nice player for the money.

On a personal note, the fix on the signing date ordering has sure helped. I do think they had to retweaked the draft history as it wasn't in rank order the first day. I just wish they  would give the ability to split the first and supplemental rounds.

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