Sunday, November 25, 2012

TheTwisted Twenty

With 20 games to go strange things can happen.


Jays and Tigs are still playing the leap frog game.

Boston has the East nearly sewed up, 2 wins or two O loses will do it officially.

Rangers have a 4 game lead over the Rays, so it ain't settled.

Seattle is still comfortable with an 11 game lead over Colorado.

Seedings at the moment

1/2: Boston and Seattle are tied and they play each other next will..oooh la la

3. Texas/Tampa Bay may not be truely decided for awhile.

4. Toronto/Detroit makes the AL anything but easy to negotiate.

5. Colorado has the edge but not guaranteed.

6. Detroit/Tampa Bay either one or both could end up at a higher seed or out even.


Baltimore is still in the race and are only 4 games back of the 6 spot.

Little Rock is nosing around but are a very very very long shot.


1. Chicago are pretty much here me thinks.

2. Atlanta could possibly move up one.

3. Florida has this spot in the bag.

4. Arizona has an 8 game lead.

5. Pittsburgh has managed a 5 game lead.

6. New York/Cincinnati have found things a tad rough lately.


Mexico City is a long shot and a tough remaining schedule to make up 6 games.

Salem is an even longer shot at the moment but are still in the mix. This is a team that could reel off 20 straight wins.

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