Friday, November 16, 2012

What's Up Doc?

We are at the point in the season where it is make or break time already. Normally this falls around game 120 but this year it is different as I feel it hit at game 110 after close examination.

AL North

Two contenders and maybe only one spot available. It has been nip and tuck for most of the season between the Jays and Tigs and may not be decided til the end of the season. Tigs look like they have the easier schedule but not by much.

AL East

Boston clearly has the division wrapped up already, it would take a monumental disaster to stop them. We can't rule out either Dover or Baltimore as they are still fighting for a Wild Card being only 6 games behind. Will one of them make a move?

AL South

The Rangers were galloping along but the posse got ambushed in the High Sierras. In the meantime the Rays have been stinging everyone in their path which included a four game sweep of Boston. Little Rock is also trying to climb the ladder to a Wild Card but have been humbled of late. KC is also in the mix as they have stormed back but a royally crucial series against Boston awaits.

AL West

At one time Seattle was so far ahead no one could even see their dust, well in their case, "wake" I guess. Being swept in Toronto left a bad taste and they be hungry to get back on track but they must travel to Detroit. Not to worry though, 13 more wins already will assuredly put them in the playoffs. The Sky Sox have upped their game a bit and must continue to do so to be in the playoffs.

NL North

The Cubs thought it would be a walk away season but they have been gasping for breath as the Reds and Pirates kept them within range. Now, with a little breathing room and needing only 12 wins for that magical 90 win plateau things have calmed down a bit. The Reds found a meat grinder in their schedule with the likes of Atlanta, Salem and Florida. We can say OUCH! for effect.  The Pirates were elated at that schedule as they themselves escaped with two wins against Florida and an easy schedule to gain ground, unfortunately they ran aground with foul weather in New York.

NL East

The Braves are loitering about as they have no real threat. The only thing they are playing for already is the top two seeds.  The Mets have evidently decided to start playing ball, remember them early in the season? At one point they were 14 games below .500, now at 5 games above .500 are trying to upset the apple cart for the Wild Card race. If they make the playoffs, they will deserve to be there as they have 7 games against Florida and Ariziona, 4 against Salem, 3 against the Cubs, Reds and Atlanta. For those that don't want to count that is 27 games out of the remaining 47. Doesn't leave any wiggle room and could be over in the next 10 games.

NL South

Florida fans are saying "Ivan who?". They have taken the South by storm and are lollygagging their way to the end of the season. Of course they are playing for a top seed also but patience is a virtue. Mexico City is not out of contention either but their schedule doesn't seem bent on making up ground and being 10 back of the Wild Card teams is not very conducive.

NL West

Arizona and Salem have been playing leap frog for much of the season. It is a game that Arizona doesn't like very much btw. Both will need to tip toe through the mind fields of their respective schedules as this one will go down to the wire.

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