Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Another Round of Signings

Emil Sosa signed a 2 year deal with Anaheim. Giving up a supp and a second round pick is an easy thing to do when quality pen pitching is needed. With the addition of Don Zhou the Angels pitching staff is shaping up nicely.

Paul Pecina signed a 2 year deal with Anaheim. Adding a little more help to the starting staff rather cheaply.

Jack Castillo signed a 3 year deal with Florida for $9M per. Little did they know they were fighting with the Mets who finally walked away from the table after not agreeing to a 5 year deal for 7 cycles.

 Bernard Shelley signed a 2 year deal with Anaheim who has been busy in the market and still has more to go. Not a bad deal for both parties IMO.

Dean Boone agreed to a 3 year deal with New York. New York seems to like quality lefties but still not sure it is a good fit.

Nicky Paige signed an odd ball 3 year deal with Tampa Bay. This once again was probably brought on by the Mets as we walked away from the table not willing to add another year to the deal.

Michael Barry signed a large contract with Arizona for 5 years. The Mets had their radar on him but we had nothing to do with this one as we thought his price would drop.

Carmen Moorhouse signed a 4 year deal with San Francisco. Harp Cust must getting one hell of a contract IMO.

Dom Tabaka signed a 1 year deal with Detroit for $6M. Makes me wonder why he opted out of his contract.

Emil Flores  signed a 3 year deal with Pittsburgh. All that talent and amusingly so-so in Salem and New York, probably turn into a superstar as a Pirate.

Shaggy Stratton signed a 2 year deal with Anaheim. Sources say he also got a new Mystery Machine in the deal.

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