Saturday, January 19, 2013

Intl Market

Anaheim spent $13M to sign Jhonny Francisco.  He looks to have a bright future as a starting pitcher though he might give up a few more dingers than necessary with that ugly 3rd pitch. A great cheap choice for the money in my estimation as he looks like he could have been a top 5 candidate in the draft.

Grade: A

Toronto spent $12.1M for the rights to Jeanmar Lopez. The really bad thing is his health rating being a bit troublesome. His offense is considered first rate though his defense behind the plate might land him in a backup role albeit a full time DH. Still a great choice for the money that may have landed a top 10 to 15 pick in the draft.

Grade: B+

Tony Renteria got $3M from Los Angeles.  Could turn into a good defensive SS in the future, hitting is not all that ugly but below good. All in all he would still garner a late first round pick.

Grade: B-

Olmedo Mendoza agreed to terms with Dover for $3M. A doubtful closer with probable low splits though his control and pitches could propel him forward. His somewhat low health isn't that convincing either. Still could have been drafted in the first round, most likely supplemental.

Grade: B-

Yuniesky Arias signed with Colorado Springs for $2.4M. I'm convinced that he can play 2B or CF adequately. Hitting is not his forte however but shouldn't be a strike out victim all that often and has plenty of speed. He does rank in the 1st round category and definitely came at a fire sale price.

Grade: B

John Chang - Toronto: $1.5M. Defensive stand out at SS but a hitting disaster.

Dayan Taveras -  San Diego: 1.2M. Iffy proposition to make it above AAA.

Ivan Pujols - Dover : $1.2M. Unlikely candidate to last long before retiring.

Jhonny Mateo - Tampa Bay: $1.1M.  20 points in glove and contact would have brought a meaningful fight in the cash department but could still have a limited future in the ML.

Matty Martinez - Montreal: $1.1M. Great defense at SS and speed. Odds for the ML would be limited to a backup role if at all.

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