Thursday, January 3, 2013

Final Free Agent Signings

Better get caught up as some biggies are going to wait til the final minute it seems.

J.C. Welch signed a 1 year deal with Seattle. This is the second player I have seen decline the option and bolt to the market and gain nothing, in this case lose money.  I actually had my eye on JC and would have looked nifty in RF or 3B for us but that durability...

Jimmie Torres signed a 1 year $8M deal with the Twinkies. This concludes the fact that upper quality pitching is in very short supply with a big demand and it is only going to get worse.

Neifi Montana signed a 2 year deal with Detroit. Another quality lefty that has seen better days.

Luis Sanchez signed a 3 year deal with Toronto. I would have given him a 5 year deal myself but I chose Boone instead because of  the FB ability.

Roger Metzger signed a 2 year deal with Anaheim.  When you sign a Type A, it should be for a lot of money and giving up a draft pick, this is an exception on both accounts.  Rather cheap for his playing abilities and other than a supp and huh? Looks like something shady happened if you ask me, 2nd round pick, did Pittsburgh get the shaft or what?  Still his health is a very sore subject.

Bill Lloyd makes his way to Anaheim with a cheap two year deal. Looks like a good fit but his health and durability could be very debilitating as the season grinds away. Shaky CF play may also cause some problems.

 Harpo Cust steams into Arizona with a very large settlement as expected. Will ST determine who is gonna play where in the Arizona defense that isn't exactly pristine anywhere.

Tony Lansing landed a very nice 3 year deal in Detroit. It is very possible that he wanted to find his family roots in Michigan instead of the money.

Alex Matos accepted the 3 year deal from Boston. Egads, hope it is full of incentives and options otherwise it could become rather Tuck Buckian.

Louie James with his drug induced mug was signed by Anaheim for 2 years.  Still a pretty good 3B.

Jesse Brennaman packed his bags for Chicago this year. Still the hitting genius.

Yeico Calles signed a 1 year deal with Detroit. Wasn't used much last season at the ML level but me thinks that will change.

Jorge Marmol agreed to terms with Atlanta for the season. Backup player?

Rob Key signs a 2 year deal with KC.  This should improve the line up a little.

Dusty Ingram signed a 2 year deal with Little Rock. The unfortunate part is that he might be the best pitcher on the staff.

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