Monday, January 28, 2013

Intl' Market News

It was really nice to hear that someone liked my posts well enough to be invited back for a guest appearance. I am really cramped for time, no it isn't that time of the month either, and haven't done this in a while so bear with me. Hmm a bear hug would be nice though. Get your minds out of the gutter, mine stays there but I was taught by the best and it has its rewards .

Reporting Live from somewhere its Linda Loo! Yup, that's me alright.

Oswaldo Solano was given a slew on money by the Reds, $19.2  in bonus to be exact. We will give him the benefit of a whimsical advent that he can play SS someday though it looks like the Reds want him to play 3B. He is fast on his feet which is very helpful as his running knowledge might be bit dreadful. Huh, reminds me of my booty call QB last semester, think he got hit in the groin once too often, E-D ya know. At the plate he can really stuff down the tacos, oops wrong plate, sorry. Well, he can hit with authority against right handed pitchers with some power, maybe that was what was wrong, I am a lefty either that or he has mommy issues.

I am giving him an A+ grade for fake baseball purposes but garners an F in the bedroom err..well the shower stall at that awful High A park, he lacks experience. Maybe Yoker needs to find him a DJ's sister (hope I remembered that right).

Jeanmar Lopez was paid $12.1 by the Maple Leafs. As a catcher he outright stinks, I'm not even sure Old Spice would help the odiferous stench in that department. At the plate is an altogether different agenda than behind it. He could be that splendid OBP guy that most clubs covet these days though his power is not that encompassing. What is it with these kids today, they have a bedroom acumen of a two year old, or is it that I am grown up too much. I now know why Cougars want the younins and us ladies want the older guys.

We had this debate the other day, why don't you horn dogs chime in. Who would you lust after in their young prime?

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